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 Varina's Application

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PostSubject: Varina's Application   Thu Apr 26, 2007 5:10 pm

BasicsFurcadia Name: Varina

IRL Age: 13

Methods of Contact: Furcadia, Postmaster, AOl.

Email: Shortsammy93@aol.com

Furre Gender: Female.

Short Answer

Do you work anywhere else on Furcadia?: Ambiguous Homes (on my alt Lilandraa).

Do you own a dream of your own? If so, what's the name of it?: No, sorry.

Do you patch?: Nope.

Do you draw portraits?: Nope.

Do you dreamweave?: Yes.

Do you do dragonspeak?: Yes.

Are you set up with Postmaster? (If no, please do so!): Yes.

Where do you spend most of your time?:

I dreamhop a lot. I hang out with my friends and furcadia family. Outside of Furcadia, I go swimming, shopping, and partying.

How long are you normally online during the weekdays per day approximately?:

3 hours a day, unless my mom needs me or I gotta do something.

How long are you normally online during the weekends per day approximately?:

Around 4 hours, unless I'm going somewhere.

Do you have any friends on the staff?: Fiona R. Brooks

Are you involved with an after school activity? If so, which days and what times FST?:

I do swimming Monday and Wednesday at 6 pm FST but I rarely go. Now I just go on Fridays, at 6 pm for my meets.

Tell us why you want to work here at Walsh Homes?:

I want to work here because its new and has a lot of good details about it. I like the siza of the homes, the dream itself, and more. And since its new, I want to help it develop and grow into a greater bah!

How would you help customers if they were new to Build a Homes?:

This Is exactly what I would tell them:
"Hello and Welcome to Walsh Homes. Their are many types of bahs: creepy bahs, weird bahs, and awesome bahs. The bah system as I like to call it is simple. First, Bah means Build-a-home. This dream is a place where you can design your own home. I'll take you through the steps.
1. You go to each house and see if it has a forsale sign in it.
2. After findng a home with a forsale sign in it, go to the desk by saying "front"
3. Ask a staff If you can have the house by saying "Can i have (house number) please?" or anything else.
4. After the staff has sold you your house, youll know they did because they'll say it, Go to the house and stand in front of the lock key (the sort of square thing in your yard).
5. Once you are standing in front of the key say "!set ###"
6. Now your ready to decorate! Go to items. We have a variety of items to choose from. We have beds, couches, bathtubs, sinks, fridges, and more! Just pick up one of the items to take it to your house or say "citem" to copy your item.
7. Now, return to your house, say !unlock (your pass) to open your door. Now place the object where you want it by putting it down or saying pitem.
8. Now after youve done this and decorated your whole house, you need floors! First say "floors" then choose a floor that you like for any room in your home. Then say "cfloor" while standing on teh floor you want. Now go home.
9. Go into the room you want the floor to be in and say "pfloor" where you want the floor to be. Continue saying pfloor wherever you want that floor to be. Then continue this step and decorate all your floors.
10. Now your done!!!! Now that you've finsihed you can take part in one of our many activities here. You can join in on one of our many races, adopt some children at adoption, or have party! The possibilities are endlesss.
11. There is one down side to this home. The staff here have house checks every once in a while. If you arent in your front yard, Your home will be sol. This our way of letting everyone have a fair chance. If you want to keep you house you can buy one with real money, or just stay there.
We hope you have an awesome time and come back! If you need anyone help or have any questions feel free to ask! Bye!
What would you do if you have a problem with an other staff member?:

Why is this job important to you?: This job is important to me because I just love this bah and I wanna be a part of this amazing establishment!

Rainbows rock everyones socks
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PostSubject: Re: Varina's Application   Thu Apr 26, 2007 9:32 pm


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Varina's Application
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