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 Hints' Application!

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PostSubject: Hints' Application!   Wed Apr 25, 2007 5:08 pm


Furcadia Name: Hints.
IRL Age: 15 Years Old.
Methods of Contact: Email only please.
Email: United-Graphix@Comcast.net.
Furre Gender: Female and loving it. ^^

Short Answer

Do you work anywhere else on Furcadia?: Yes, I work at Ambiguous Homes,(which sadly may be shut down) The Gardening Guild,
and Cheets Build A Home. ^^

Do you own a dream of your own? If so, what's the name of it?: Yes, though sadly, it's not very good. It's called the Farming Palace.

Do you patch?: Not alot, but I do know how. ^^

Do you draw portraits?: Yes, i've made a couple for my friends before.

Do you dreamweave?: Yes, though i'm not to best.

Do you do dragonspeak?: Totally.

Are you set up with Postmaster? (If no, please do so!): Sadly, my computer isn't connected with it's server. So, it doesn't show up. Sorry...

Where do you spend most of your time?: Ambiguous Homes, or if it's up, Walsh Homes. (I don't seem to find it up alot)

How long are you normally online during the weekdays per day approximately?: About 3-5 Hours a day, if it's a normal weekday, and no speical osscaions . ^^

How long are you normally online during the weekends per day approximately?: 4-6 Hours, and as I said only if it's a normal weekend, and not a speical osscaion.

Do you have any friends on the staff?: Yepers. ^^ Eiliza, and Walshy.

Are you involved with an after school activity? If so, which days and what times FST?: No. ^^

Tell us why you want to work here at Walsh Homes?: I love walsh homes, and I have been watching it grow, and it's just my favorite build a home. ^^

How would you help customers if they were new to Build a Homes?: First, I would explain to them that a build a home is a place were furres can buy homes and decorate them with floors and items. Then I would explain to them what perms are and why staff are here, and make sure they understood anything and I would help them since it's there first time and show them around the dream. Also, I would show them all the commands and what they do. ^^

What would you do if you have a problem with an other staff member?: It really depends on the promblem, but normaly, I would try to become friends with them, and sort things out between us. ^^

Why is this job important to you?: I *Heart* Walsh Homes so much. It's just my favorite dream, everyone there are the nicest people in the world, and the staff are so kind & giving. I would love to work here, at Walsh Homes. ^^

Thanks taking the time to read this, it means a real lot to me! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Hints' Application!   Wed Apr 25, 2007 5:15 pm


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Hints' Application!
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