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PostSubject: RULES!   Fri Apr 20, 2007 9:21 pm

Kay, rules of the board are as followed...

The DON'TS are..

--Please DONT use it to just advertise someone elses work, make it your OWN work. If not, ask them to advertise on the forum themselves.

--Please DONT advertise ports with mature content. There are younger furcadia players and we don't want to show them stuff like that.

The DO'S are...

--Please DO have a screenshot of when the digo expires, so as we have proof that it's a true digo date.

--Please, when advertising alt's say what it has. Don't just say "one port and gryffe" say something like "It has a port of a long haired girl..." and so on.

--Please DO ask someone to delete your thread if nobody responds within 2 weeks of upness.

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