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 Scan's Application

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PostSubject: Scan's Application   Tue Apr 24, 2007 8:01 pm

Furcadia Name: Scan
IRL Age: 16
Methods of Contact: Email or Whisper.
Email: ScanIsBack@hotmail.com
Furre Gender: Female.
Short Answer

Do you work anywhere else on Furcadia?: Nope. xD

Do you own a dream of your own? If so, what's the name of it?: I'm working on one with my friend right now. =)

Do you patch?: Draw patches, no. Merge patches into one, yes.

Do you draw portraits?: No. D:

Do you dreamweave?: When I'm bored, I might.

Do you do dragonspeak?: Yes.

Are you set up with Postmaster? (If no, please do so!): Nope, I'll set up with Postmaster later though. x3

Where do you spend most of your time?: AI

How long are you normally online during the weekdays per day approximately?: 2-5 hrs. Sometimes, I won't come on at all though. School keeps me busy. D:

How long are you normally online during the weekends per day approximately?: 3-7

Do you have any friends on the staff?: Nope.

Are you involved with an after school activity? If so, which days and what times FST?: Nope.

Tell us why you want to work here at Walsh Homes?: I'd like to work at Walshy Homes because I love to help people. I always like to answer questions and whatnot, though I must admit, I do tend to slack of momentarily. But hey, Who doesn't? Plus, I'm rather sociable when I want to be, if that helps. x3

How would you help customers if they were new to Build a Homes?: I would start of by introducing myself; then I'll move onto explaining them what a BaH is, and giving them the dream rules. When I have that covered I'd tell them how to reach the commands. After covering all that, I'll ask them if they have any questions, and answer them if they do. After that, I will ask them if they want a home. ^-^

What would you do if you have a problem with an other staff member?: If they're harassing me or something, I'll ignore them. If it's something that might harm the dream in any way, I'll talk to them about it, and if the person continues to do it, I'll contact Walshy.

Why is this job important to you?: It's important to me because, I guess because..eh, I love solving problems and helping people. Plus, I find it nice to see other people happy. xD

"Rainbows rock everyones socks."
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PostSubject: Re: Scan's Application   Tue Apr 24, 2007 8:03 pm

Woo! Accpeted! Very Happy

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Scan's Application
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